“It is a program drawn up by technocrats who apparently wanted to humiliate Greece at all costs. Germany was the poor leader in this process, while the Belgian government was at best irrelevant and at worst it followed the German position subserviently”, states John Crombez.

Last week it became painfully obvious how this Europe does not belong to the people, but to the gentlemen in grey suits of the Troika. John Crombez: “It was proven once again that the technocrats of the Troika are in the driving seat, with all the consequences this entails. They played with the future of a country. This is not the European project we stand for.”

sp.a will take initiative to bring Europe closer to the people instead of the other way around. “A vast majority of the European parliament (80%) adopted a resolution in March 2014 recommending to limit the power of the Troika”, says John Crombez. “We now have to implement this resolution. It is long overdue we give Europe back to the people. Out with technocracy, in with democracy. This is why we will take initiative in the European parliament in this direction and support other propositions to this end.”

“If we want to keep faith in a unified European Union based on solidarity alive, all of us carry the responsibility to make the European project a social project. Today we prefer to let some countries fend for themselves. A unified social Europe means that we do everything in our power to assure a high level of social protection for every European”, concludes Crombez.